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Shell Jewelry


Discover our Exclusive Collection of Shell Jewelry

Discover our store specializing in the sale of shell jewelry, where each piece tells a unique and natural story.

Our jewelry store offers a wide range of shell jewelry, including bracelets, of the necklaces, of the earrings and rings. Whether for you or as a gift, you will definitely find the shell jewelry that matches your style and your desires. Quickly discover our marine accessories at low prices !

All our shell jewelry is adjustable size and are easily fixed thanks to their lobster clasp. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, which is why we use materials such asgold, L’money or thestainless steel, recognized for their robustness and comfort. You also have the choice between subjects like leather where the cotton, which are warm and soft, pleasant to wear. We love luxury and we want you to enjoy it too.

For a style tendency And colored, choose a multicolored marine jewel such as a decorated shell necklace or one brazilian shell bracelet. Our jewelry, made with cowries, of the scallop shells, of the whelks or some starfish, bring a touch of the ocean to your style. All our shells, unless otherwise stated, are real ! They are fished at sea or collected from the beach, then cleaned, treated and assembled by professional jewelers.

Trendy Shell Necklaces for Summer

Discover our selection of shell necklaces. A range of jewelry to wear around the neck, designed with real shells for the majority. These marine jewelry, summery, evoke a “fine sand beach” atmosphere. Affirm your femininity and express all the symbolism Marine, savage, fun And free through our shell necklaces. Our parts are made with cowrie shells. Let yourself be seduced by our collection and choose it cowrie shell necklace which will brighten up your style!

Surfer Necklaces

Discover our exclusive collection of surfer necklaces on, where the elegance of jewelry meets the free spirit of the ocean. Each necklace is carefully crafted with authentic shells, capturing the essence of the beach and the adventure of surfing. Perfect for adding a bohemian touch to your style, these necklaces are ideal for beachgoers and fashion enthusiasts. Dive into theworld of surfer necklaces and find the one that will accompany you on all your summer adventures. Explore our collection now and let yourself be seduced by the natural beauty of shell jewelry.

Our Cowrie Bracelets

Natural Cowrie Shell Bracelet for Good Luck

The Fascinating History of the Cowrie

This small shell, barely measuring 2.5cm long, has had an astonishing journey. First used as currency in China, he then traveled to Africa aboard merchant ships, at the time of the great African empires.

Arrived at Senegal, in Mauritania and in Ivory Coast, the cowrie shell initially served as cash, then became a decorative object. It adorned the sumptuous costumes made entirely of cowrie shells, symbolizing wealth and elegance.

Finally, the cowrie shell was considered as a object of divination when African priests began to integrate it into their sacred rituals, thus giving it a spiritual meaning deep.

Discover Our Shell Ankle Bracelets

The Shell Ankle Bracelet

Bring a touch of the ocean to your style with our Shell Ankle Bracelets. Each bracelet is designed to capture the essence of the beach and add effortless elegance to your look.

THE ankle bracelet is an essential fashion accessory, especially during summer and hot periods. Among the most popular styles, shell anklets stand out. Typically summery, these bracelets exist in numerous models, combining discretion And charm.

These bracelets come in various shell shapes, each adding a unique touch. They are very different from each other, which allows women of all ages, and even men, to find the bracelet that suits them.

Origin and Meaning of Shell Anklets

Anklets have a long history, dating back to ancient civilizations where they were often worn as symbols of prosperity and of protection. In some cultures, shells were considered sacred objects and used to make jewelry with a spiritual meaning.

Our Shell Earrings

Shell earrings are eternal fantasy accessories. Discover our selection of dangling earrings and hoop earrings, available in different lengths and thicknesses. Don’t delay any longer and enrich your collection with these elegant and fashionable pieces!

Shell Jewelry Box For Your Marine Jewels

Opt for a Jewelry Box for More Comfort and Security

By choosing a Jewelry box, you opt for the comfort, L’organization and the security. We all cherish our precious jewelry, but when they are intertwined, it becomes another matter. There Jewelry box allows you to tidy and D’organize your jewelry according to your desires.

Our jewelry boxes come in different materials, including drink, THE leather and the velvet. You will also find Pocket Jewelry Boxes which will allow you to travel with complete peace of mind with your precious jewelry.

Invest in a Jewelry box is a wise choice for anyone who wants to keep their jewelry in perfect condition while benefiting from optimal organization. Whether for home or on the go, a jewelry box gives you peace of mind knowing your treasures are protected and easy to access.